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Riverton Pool Supplies and Christmas Wonderland of Delran, NJ, offers everything you need for your swimming pool, including chemicals, toys, and parts. We also offer a variety of maintenance and cleaning services. We have certified pool experts here to help you with your problems, and questions today.


Riverton Pool Supplies and Christmas Wonderland offers a wide variety of filters and pumps, we stock both above ground and in ground pool options. Hayward and Pentair are some of the best names found in the industry, and it is for this reason that we stock these brands. Riverton commonly stocks Hayward Sand and Diatomaceous Earth filters for both aboveground and in ground pools. As well as Hayward above ground pumps and both Hayward and Pentair In ground pumps. We also keep common parts for these filters and pumps in stock at our parts counter for those quick repairs and for all the do it yourselfers that enjoy diving into a deeper project.

Free Water Testing And Analysis

We offer free water testing for our customers. We recommend that you come in from time to time to allow us to assess your pool’s water balance. Our experienced employees will take your water sample, enter your name and pool information into our system for future convenience, and run your water through the computer. We will give you a printout of the results and our friendly staff will evaluate them with you and review which chemicals you need, how much, and when to put them in your pool to maintain a clear, sanitary swimming environment.

Among the things we test for are free chlorine, total chlorine, bromine, total hardness, total alkalinity, pH, and cyanic acid. We can do extensive testing if you are having problems keeping water balanced or have had past concerns regarding nitrates, phosphates, iron, and copper. The additional tests will be determined by our experts and will be applied to the printout if needed. 


Whether you are looking for a top of the line electronic pool cleaner, a highly regarded pressure side cleaner or a simple suction side cleaner Riverton Pool Supplies and Christmas Wonderland has it all. We stock Maytronics Dolphin DX series, as well as Maytronic Active electronic pool cleaners for both aboveground and in ground pools. Another popular cleaner we stock are the Polaris pressure side cleaners, and Hayward suction side cleaners for both in and aboveground pools.


Riverton Pool Supplies and Christmas Wonderland also sells a selection of aboveground pools from Atlantic Pools. We have above ground pool kit pricing, along with just pool and liner pricing for those looking to replace an existing pool. We sell a variety of pools from steel wall to resin hybrids all at affordable prices. Stop in for your estimate today.


Check out our large selection of manual and automatic pool cleaners, brushes, skimmers, parts, and hoses. Want to test your own water? No problem. We have a great selection of water testing kits and reagents. You’ll also find backwash hoses, pressure gauges, replacement handles, brushes, ladder supplies, rope/float kits, solar covers, reels, and equipment.

We invite you to stop in and see for yourself. If you need help, any of our friendly, helpful staff will be able to assist you.


Riverton Pool & Garden Center sells its own line of pool chemicals. Our brand includes metal eliminator, algaecides of various strengths, classifiers, and flock. We also carry water balancers: pH up, pH decreaser, alkalinity up, stabilizer, chlorine tablets (in both 1” and 3” size), and granular chlorine. You’ll also find a wide variety of shock. We also offer other brand names, including Natural Chemistry and Frog. We offer specialty chemicals for those problems no one wants to see; for example, black treat for black algae problems, pink treat for pink algae and white tissue water mold, phos free for those pesky phosphates, a variety of filter cleaners and aids, as well as tile and cover cleaners.

We carry diatomaceous earth, Perlite, sand, and ZeoSand—whichever your filter needs. Shock is available in 1-pound bags and 24-pound cases. We offer 1-gallon containers of muriatic acid, and 1-gallon and 5-gallon containers of liquid chlorine.  No matter what you need to keep your pool clear, we’ve got you covered. 

Toys, Games and Floats

Are you planning a big party this year or just planning to enjoy the season with the kids? Stock up on fun today!

We have diving rings, basketball sets, volleyball sets, and noodles, as well as goggles in every shape and size imaginable. For first-timers and learners alike, we have diaper suits, hats, swimmies, kick boards, and floats.

For those of you trying to relax above the water, we carry single and double lounges, rafts, rings, and chairs.

Riverton sells pool supplies and maintenance products. Through the years you will notice that some of these items will need to be replaced; for example, O-rings, gaskets, clamps, and pressure gauges. We carry a large stock of replacement parts. Simply come to our parts counter and our expert staff can help you. If we do not have what you need, we’ll be glad to place a special order for you. We carry leading brands such as Hayward, Pentair, Polaris, Dolphin, and others. Our selection includes pump, filter, chlorinator, vacuum, automatic cleaner, plumbing, and heater parts.

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